Coriolanus, King Of The Volsci

This wonderful tapestry, restored thanks to the generosity of our Canada Chapter, is part of a series illustrating the stories of Coriolanus which is known as the cycle of Coriolanus. This tapestry was completed in Paris in the workshop of Faubourg Saint- Marcel at the beginning of the 17th century. The cycle of Coriolanus was based on drawings dating back to the 16th century, between 1570 and 1590.

The subjects were inspired by the Lives of Plutarch, precisely by the French translation by Amyot in 1559.The Vatican Museums tapestry represents the left hand side of a larger work which originally belonged to the National Mobilier of Paris and shows Coriolanus asking hospitality from the king of Volscian, Tullius Aufidio. The original tapestry was a scene divided into two parts by a column and a wall: on one side there was the inside of an elegant room with a large Renaissance fireplace and on the side of this large fireplace is seated Tullius Aufidio receiving Coriolanus. The other side of the tapestry is the portion presented in this Wishbook for restoration: in the foreground there are two soldiers, one of them is Coriolanus, and a group of people is watching the scene.