Benefits Of Being A Canadian Patron

As a Canadian Patron you will receive many exclusive benefits in addition
to the privilege of conserving one of the world’s greatest collection of art

You will be invited to social and educational events in Canada and
exclusive trips to Rome to view artwork in the Vatican Museums

As an honoured guest of the Vatican Museums your admission
is always complimentary

Private tours of the Vatican Museums are always easily arranged
for you and include the accompaniment of your own English-speaking
guide to deepen and enrich your visit

As a Canadian Patron you can also choose to tour sections of the
Museums not open to the public, such as restoration laboratories,
to see firsthand how your conservation efforts have made a difference

You will receive semi-annual updates from the Vatican Museums
Rome headquarters

Become a Patron

Your Patron fee is $600 annually per person, $1,200 for adult couple, and $250 for the junior membership (aged under 35) or $500 per junior couple (aged under 35). Your annual contribution is a tax deductible donation used for restoration work, conservation projects, equipment for the restoration laboratories, capital improvements and acquisition of art. We invite you to become a Canadian Patron and experience the pleasure that comes from helping others enjoy the world’s greatest collection of art.

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